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Here are some tips on troubleshooting Protozilla installation and use.

Installation failure?
If you received an installation failure message, try to locate the installation logfile. This is a file named install.log located in the same directory as the Mozilla/Netscape executable. (If you installed a Mozilla tarball, this would correspond to the package directory.) Perusing the last few entries in the logfile should give you some information on the reasons for the installation failure.

If you wish to report an installation failure to the Newsgroup or the Mailing list, please note down the error code that accompanies the failure message, and include the relevant portion of the installation logfile, if possible.

Common reasons for installation failure are:

Is Protozilla working?
If installation was successful, you will need to restart the browser. (On Windows 9x/ME systems, you may sometimes need to reboot before restarting.) After restarting the browser, type moz:docs in the URL box. This should display the documentation page. If not, it means that Protozilla isn't working properly. Protozilla has only been tested with milestone releases of Mozilla. If you use a daily build (or your own build) of Mozilla, Protozilla may not work and may even crash your build!

New protocol not detected?
If you created a new protocol file in the protozilla/protocol directory and the protocol is not detected, launch the Protozilla configuration window from the Tasks menu. Then press the Refresh List button in that window. If this does not work, restart the browser and launch the Protozilla configuration window again.

Mozilla/Netscape hangs when trying to use Protozilla?
Since Protozilla is still in an experimental state, changes in Protozilla components may not be registered properly by Mozilla. This could occasionally cause Mozilla to hang when trying to use Protozilla. To reset component registration, delete the file named component.reg which resides in the same directory as the Mozilla/Netscape executable. You should only do this when you are not running Mozilla. When you restart Mozilla after deleting the file, all components will be automatically re-registered. (If Mozilla still hangs, try to uninstall Protozilla as described in later in this document.)

Wrong user profile?
User-defined protocol information is stored in the user's profile, i.e., where the user's bookmark etc. are stored. If you use multiple user profiles, you must install Protozilla using the same profile with which you plan to use it. If you use the wrong user profile, Protozilla will complain that it cannot find the protozilla directory.

How to configure?
To configure or use Protozilla, choose the menu item Protozilla from the Tasks menu of the browser to launch the Protozilla configuration window. If you run Mozilla/Netscape from the command line, you can also launch the Protozilla window by typing:
 mozilla -protozilla

How to report bugs?
Visit the Bugs page.

How to uninstall?
Protozilla installation creates the following files:
  package/components/protozilla.js, protozilla.xpt,, ipc.xpt

where package denotes the directory where the Mozilla/Netscape executable program resides. (On Windows, the file ipc.dll, rather than, will be created.)

Protozilla also modifies the file package/chrome/overlayinfo/communicator/content/overlays.rdf by inserting a line which adds the Protozilla entry to the Tasks menu of the browser.

A subdirectory named protozilla is created in the user's profile to store user-defined protocol information.

Clicking the Uninstall button in the Protozilla configuration window will undo all of these changes by deleting the appropriate files/directories and modifying overlays.rdf. If you are unable to access the Protozilla window at all, try deleting the files manually.
Note: Do not manually delete package/chrome/protozilla.jar without removing the Protozilla entry from the overlays.rdf file. This can cause mozilla to hang!

If your questions have still not been answered, please post a detailed message to the Protozilla Newsgroup (preferred) or the Mailing list.

The protozilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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