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Pipes, protocols, and P2P in Mozilla

Protozilla is a browser add-on that makes it very easy to implement protocols in Mozilla (or Netscape 6.x). It is not a traditional browser plugin, but may be described as a "socket adapter", like the kind that you may carry around with your laptop when you travel internationally. With Protozilla, implementing a new protocol becomes as easy as typing a one line URL prefix, or dragging-and-dropping a file. Protozilla enables any CGI program or Unix/MSDOS command line program to instantly become a Mozilla "plugin" with little or no modification. These external programs, which may be written in any language, communicate with Mozilla through their standard input/output and the environment variables.

If you are a Mozilla end-user (or a peer-to-peer protocol developer) interested in adding new protocols to Mozilla, see the Documentation and Examples pages.

If you are a Mozilla/XUL developer interested in executing other programs from within Mozilla, see the IPC page.

If you are running Mozilla/Netscape 6.x, you can usually install Protozilla from the Download page simply by clicking a button.

The White Paper explains the motivations behind Protozilla and lists possible applications. Comments and feedback are always welcome! Please use the Newsgroup (preferred) or the Mailing list.

6/6/2002 New binaries compatible with Mozilla 1.0.0
4/27/2002 New binaries compatible with Mozilla 1.0RC1
3/13/2002 New binaries compatible with Mozilla 0.9.9
12/21/2001 Tutorial article on Protozilla in the Linux Journal
1/28/2001 Protozilla gets mentioned on Slashdot! Here's a response to the comments.
12/14/2000 Protozilla website created at Mozdev

The protozilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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